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DIY two-color jelly wax cup


Materials required: transparent jelly wax, colored jelly wax, wax core holder, wax core, glitter, glass rod, wax pot, electric stove, thermometer, transparent wax cup, dispensing spoon, label sticker
1. Add transparent jelly wax, color the appropriate amount of jelly wax, stir evenly. If you think the color is too light, you can add color jelly wax to deepen the color. If the color is too dark, you can add transparent jelly wax to lighten the color.
2. Allow to cool down to 60 ° C, add the glittering essential oil, and pour into the wax cup that has been fixed with the wax core.
3. Change the color of the jelly wax and repeat the previous steps into the wax cup.
4. After completely cooling and solidifying, remove the wax core holder, cut the wax core, paste the English label sticker, and complete the two-color jelly wax cup.
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