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How to use scented candles?


Premise: Through the wind of the house. It is not to let you ventilate the scented wax while keeping it ventilated. Before igniting, make sure that the air inside the house is not dirty. Make sure that the indoor air is just ventilated before lighting the candle. Otherwise, imagine what it would be like if a room full of cigarettes smells the scented candle and the smell of the aroma is mixed with the taste of the cigarette.
Then: Keep the airflow in the house stable. Since it is a wax that will ignite, the scented candle is very easy to shake or flicker because of the air flow, so choose a place where there is no strong air flow. This will be more stable when burned.
When igniting: meet the above two conditions, about 10 minutes after ignition, there will be a faint aroma slowly floating. Because the scented candles made of pure natural bean wax are low-temperature smoke-free when burned, all will not see smoke. It is also not necessary to trim the wax core when burning, and no impurities will be produced. Extremely convenient. In general, the burning time is from 20 minutes to 40 minutes, the room will be full of aromatic fresh taste, but it is best not to burn for more than two hours, otherwise the aroma is too full, it may also be counterproductive.
Ignition method: Some people think that a candle can make a full room aromatherapy, and some people like the style of seven or eight candles. There is no special restriction. If your room is big enough, then a few candles are not relevant. As long as it is appropriate, it does not reside in form and quantity.
Also, don't ignite different types of scented candles at the same time in the same room. If you want to try another scent. Then you can let the air in the room circulate, and then make sure there is no smell in the room, then ignite another scented candle.
The important thing is not the scented aroma wax, the relaxed mood and the pleasant mind after lighting the candle. Relaxing your mind and body and relieving stress in your heart is the most effective way to ignite a candle.

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