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Strawberry Sweetheart Jelly Cup Wax Making Tutorial


Production steps
[Material] Red jelly wax, transparent jelly wax, conventional 52-degree soy wax, wax powder, wax core, dried lemon slices

[Tools] electric furnace, wax pot, stirring spoon, empty wax cup, thermometer, transparent plastic, imitation fruit mold, wax core fixed glue, two long bamboo sticks


1. Firstly stick the wax core iron part to the fixing glue;
2. Fix the wax core to the bottom of the container with tweezers and press tightly;
3. Tied the two ends of the bamboo stick with transparent glue according to the picture circle, and clamp the wax core;
4. Use a transparent adhesive tape to circle some of the container cups as shown in the figure. (The tape stays longer and the two ends stick to the top of the cup so that the bamboo stick does not shake because the cup is tilted.)
Lay the container cup and pour the melted red jelly wax. (The cup is placed obliquely for the finished product to have a bevel effect. Oh, it should be placed obliquely, otherwise it will shake when the wax is poured.)
After the red jelly wax is completely solidified, pour the melted soy wax. Place it next to it. (The red jelly wax needs to be completely solidified before it can be poured into the soybean wax. Soy wax is recommended to be poured into the temperature of 60-70 degrees, the temperature is not too high)
A 1:1 soy wax and beeswax were used to make a simulated fruit mold. (1:1 beeswax with soy wax, or paraffin wax can be made, pure soy wax is relatively soft, not easy to make alone, may lead to failure to demould.)
After the soy wax is completely solidified, the small fruit wax and the dried lemon slices are placed into your favorite shape. (It’s okay to put everything you need to make a small fruit directly.)
Finally, the transparent jelly wax is melted and then sprinkled on the surface of the small fruit wax. (The transparent jelly wax is sprayed on the surface, and the crystal clear feeling is always good.)
Ok! The beautiful strawberry sweetheart jelly wax is finished! (Is it super sweet and super realistic?)
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